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FinTech operates in a digital environment. The DNA structure of a FinTech company is designed to improve the financial world. In order to get the best results, it is imperative to cooperate with the established order. Professionals therefore do not only need to have digital DNA, but also knowledge of guidelines and regulations. Do you have these qualities?
We are looking for people with FinTech DNA in the field of

• Sales
• Marketing
• Professional services
• Product development

Please contact Bart den Herder on
+31 6 22 50 78 61.

FinTech Recruitment | de vindingrijke recruiter voor de FinTech markt
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Looking for one or more new FinTech colleagues? Or do you have surplused staff? Then contact FinTech Recruitment, we will find you the right new colleague(s) or help them to find a new job.

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Already working for a FinTech company or would you like to switch to this industry? FinTech Recruitment is here to help you if you are working in the field of sales, marketing, professional services and/or product development.

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The arrival of FinTech impacts the financial market. More manpower or having the right people with specific expertise offer you the opportunity to improve and perfect your response to this new development. When is the right time to do so? According to your business plan you should take action now, but your budget might indicate otherwise.


A changing market needs a recruiter who offers interesting and flexible views and is proactive. One who has the courage to invest and is willing to take risks when hiring staff.


FinTech Recruitment focuses on start-ups, big-techs and the banking sector that invest in financial innovation. Because the market is rapidly growing, you will soon hear much more about us. We are more than ready to give you that boost! See you soon!

Why wait until tomorrow

Growth and recession – the peak and troughs of an economic cycle. Currently the ICT market finds itself in winter season, but spring is definitely in the air. A new economic cycle is approaching.


Are you working in the banking sector or with an IT giant? Then you have the right DNA to contribute to a company that focuses on the FinTech market. Looking for a new challenge and would you like to learn more about FinTech Recruitment and what we can do for you? Please call +31 6 22 50 78 61 for more information.

The financial services sector is entering a new era. Are you ready?

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Bart Den Herder | FinTech Recruitment
Bart den Herder

About FinTech Recruitment

The Russian economist Nikolai Kondratieff is known for his theory called ‘Kondratieff waves’; long-term cycles of conjuncture of about 30 to 50 years. With the ICT market in its final phase, spring is right around the corner.


“The rise of FinTech places new demands on staff working in the financial sector. Therefore people from the banking and ICT sector become available on the job market, and these are the ones that can be a true asset for FinTech start-ups.”


Making people aware that the world is changing faster than you think. After the awareness raising, it’s time for FinTech to deliver its promise. FinTech Recruitment’s aim is to bridge the gap between candidates and FinTech. Therefore, Bart Den Herder decided to start his own recruitment company.


Bart loves to tell you more about his concept and way of working in a personal conversation. As a FinTech recruiter he focuses on professionals with FinTech knowledge, which means the new colleague(s) for your FinTech start-up or department will be operational as from day one.

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Looking for additional manpower or would you like to work in the FinTech industry? Let FinTech Recruitment help you. Please fill in your details below and your reason of contact, or call Bart den Herder on +31 6 22 50 78 61